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Hewlett Packard, commonly known as HP, is the manufacturer of HP printers. HP is a well-established and renowned company in the field of technology and electronics. They have been manufacturing printers for many years and have gained a strong reputation for producing high-quality and reliable printers.

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Who are the major manufacturers of printers?

When it comes to printer manufacturers, there are several key players in the industry. In addition to HP, other major manufacturers include:

  • Symquest Group, Inc.
  • Xerox Corporation
  • Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH

These companies are known for their innovation, quality, and wide range of printer products.

What is a production printer?

A production printer is a large printer that is designed to print commercial and in-house materials at high speed and with high accuracy. These printers are capable of handling various sizes of printed materials and a wide range of paper thicknesses and materials. They are commonly used by businesses to produce vibrant and colorful printed materials in-house, which helps reduce costs for items such as business cards, envelopes, clear files, and sales papers.

Uses for production printers

Production printers have a wide range of applications. Some common uses include:

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  • Printing large quantities of presentation materials
  • High-speed printing of color photographs
  • Printing business cards, brochures, and invitations
  • Printing product packaging
  • Creating posters for advertising
  • Printing clear files with designs

These printers are capable of printing on various materials and can produce high-quality prints at fast speeds.

Principle of production printers

Production printers are composed of several key components, including a paper feeder, a photoconductor drum, a fusing process unit, a binding system, and a device for transporting printed materials. The paper feeder is responsible for feeding various print materials to the other components of the printer.

The photoconductor drum converts light into an electrical charge and uses static electricity to attract toner for printing. The fusing process unit applies heat treatment to fix the toner transferred by the photoconductor drum. The binding system is used for binding printed materials if needed, such as pamphlets or booklets.

Production printers are designed to accommodate a wide variety of printed materials and ensure smooth feeding at high speeds.

Production printers market

The market for production printers has been evolving in recent years. With the rise of online advertisements and the trend towards paperless printing, the demand for printed materials has been decreasing. However, the market for industrial-use high-speed inkjet printers has been growing.

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High-speed inkjet printers have opened up new markets that were previously not targeted by production printers. These printers can print on materials such as cloth and cardboard, which were previously difficult to print on. As a result, the market for production printers has been expanding in these new areas.

Production printers and POD

Print-on-demand (POD) technology allows for the printing of the required number of copies at the required time. With advancements in digital technology, production printers with POD capabilities have been introduced to the market. These printers offer superior image quality and can print customized materials tailored to customer preferences.

POD technology is expected to contribute to the expansion of the market, as it allows for personalized printing and the ability to print one sheet at a time.

Here is a list of companies that manufacture digital printers:


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hewlett packard printer manufacturers - Who manufacture the printer


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hewlett packard printer manufacturers - Who are the major manufacturers of printers


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hewlett packard printer manufacturers - Who is the manufacturer of HP printers

Unfortunately, the list provided does not include any specific companies that manufacture digital printers. It is important to note that this list only includes companies that have designed and manufactured printers, not those who have simply offered rebadged products.

For more information on specific printer manufacturers, it is recommended to conduct further research or refer to reliable sources.

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