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Fonts play a crucial role in design and user experience. They contribute to a brand's aesthetic, messaging, and influence. Every line of text is an opportunity to shape brand identity and connect with the target audience. While purchasing fonts is one way to establish them as part of a brand identity, not all great fonts come with a hefty price tag. In fact, many fonts are available online for free or at an affordable cost. In this article, we will explore the best places to find free and low-cost Hewlett Packard fonts that offer both flexibility and flair, allowing your designs to stand out without breaking the bank.

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Choosing the Right Font

When it comes to choosing a font, it is essential to consider factors such as readability, accessibility, and how well it aligns with a website's messaging. The first step is to explore online type foundries, which are platforms that collect and distribute fonts. Some foundries design and release their own fonts, while others source them from typographic designers.

Once you have narrowed down a typeface that fits your needs, it is time to select a font. A font is a specific variation of weight and size within a typeface, such as bold, light, or italic. It is important to review the legal terms associated with each font, ensuring that they are permissible for both personal and commercial use. Always read the licensing information to avoid any copyright issues.

12 Best Places to Find Affordable Fonts

With thousands of websites offering fonts at various price points, it can be overwhelming to decide where to find the perfect font for your project. To help you navigate through the options, we have compiled a list of our top 12 favorite places to find free and affordable Hewlett Packard fonts:

Lost Type (free and paid)

Lost Type is a collaborative digital type foundry that hosts a wide range of expressive fonts, both free and paid. They offer a selection of ornate display fonts as well as more robust and flexible families that are suitable for editorial and UI use. Popular fonts like Mission Gothic and Klinic Slab are favorites among the design community for their versatility and minimal aesthetic.

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Fontfabric (free and paid)

Fontfabric is an independent type foundry with an impressive collection of free fonts designed for bold display use. Many of their fonts include Cyrillic versions, making them suitable for languages across Eurasia. While Fontfabric may not be your go-to for flexible body fonts, it is worth bookmarking for projects that require an impactful or playful section. They often release free fonts to gauge demand and develop popular faces into full-fledged families worth paying for.

The League of Moveable Type (free)

The League of Moveable Type is an open-source foundry that offers free fonts and has been used by many A-list companies, including the Discovery Channel, DC Comics, Instagram, and the World Health Organization. Their collection includes vintage and modern options, ranging from the punchy League Gothic to the delicate Raleway.

Font Squirrel (free)

Font Squirrel is an all-in-one source for free fonts that are licensed for commercial use. Their curated collection includes a wide range of beautiful fonts, and their website features robust filters, tags, and categories to help you find exactly what you need for your project. They also offer a Matcherator tool that can identify fonts from images, saving you time and effort in your search for the perfect typeface.

Creative Market (free and paid)

Creative Market is a marketplace for design assets, including fonts. While some products on Creative Market have a high price tag, they release four free assets every week, often including a font face. Their fonts vary from blackletter to serif styles, and they even offer symbol-based fonts for experimentation. If you regularly acquire new fonts for your design library, their membership plans offer an economical option.


Behance is a platform for creators and designers to showcase their work and discover new inspiration. It is also an excellent place to find unique free fonts. Simply search for free font in the projects section, and you will find a wide range of typefaces, from abstract to sans-serif. One of the standout features of Behance is access to projects with source files, allowing you to download the original files and work with them firsthand. This is particularly useful for web designers, as it allows for easy manipulation of design elements.

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These are just a few of the many places where you can find free and affordable Hewlett Packard fonts. By exploring different sources, experimenting with different fonts, and considering their suitability for your project, you can find the perfect font that aligns with your brand and enhances your design.

  • Can I download fonts for free?
  • Yes, there are many websites that offer free fonts for personal and commercial use. Some of these websites include Lost Type, The League of Moveable Type, Font Squirrel, and Behance.

  • What is the new HP font?
  • The new HP font is a typeface called hp simplified. It was designed to reflect the company's modern and innovative image.

  • Which site is best for free font downloads?
  • There are several great websites for free font downloads, including Lost Type, Fontfabric, The League of Moveable Type, Font Squirrel, and Behance. These sites offer a wide variety of fonts that are both high-quality and free to use.

With these resources and tips, you can find the perfect Hewlett Packard font for your next project without breaking the bank.

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