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When it comes to setting up and installing a new printer, it can often be a daunting task. However, Hewlett Packard (HP) has made the process much easier with their HP Easy Start software. In this article, we will explore what HP Easy Start is, how it works, and why it is a valuable tool for HP printer users.

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Is HP Easy Start the Same as HP Smart?

One common question that arises is whether HP Easy Start is the same as HP Smart. While both are software applications developed by HP, they serve different purposes. HP Smart is a comprehensive printing and scanning app that allows users to manage their printers, scan documents, and even order supplies. On the other hand, HP Easy Start is specifically designed to simplify the installation process of HP printers.

When visiting the HP Support site, you may come across two packages with the same name, hp easy start printer installation software, for your specific printer model. Let's take the example of the HP ENVY Inspire 7220e printer.

  • The first package, with a file size of 214 MB, has en7200 in its path. This indicates that it is specifically meant for the Envy 7200 series.
  • The second package, with a smaller file size of 18 MB, is labeled as an installation package that fetches the proper package from the HP website.

Based on this information, we can assume that the 214 MB package is the complete software package to be installed on your computer, while the 18 MB package serves as a smaller installation package that fetches the latest version from the HP website.

It is generally safer to download and run the 18 MB package as it will automatically fetch the latest version for your printer. This ensures that you have the most up-to-date software and drivers installed.

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However, it is worth noting that HP could provide more information on their website to clarify the purpose of each package and guide users in making the right choice.

What Does HP Easy Start Do?

HP Easy Start is designed to simplify the printer installation process for HP printer users. It provides a guided setup and installs the necessary drivers for your specific printer model. The software ensures that you have all the required components to start using your HP printer seamlessly.

The offline use only package, typically larger in file size, includes the complete set of drivers, installer software, and other administrative tools. This package is suitable for users who want to have the entire software collection available offline and do not want to rely on internet connectivity for future installations or updates.

On the other hand, the smaller installation package fetches the necessary software components from the HP website during the installation process. This package is suitable for users who prefer a leaner installation and are comfortable relying on internet connectivity for future updates.

It is important to note that HP Easy Start is compatible with a wide range of HP printer models. Whether you have an ENVY series, LaserJet series, or OfficeJet series printer, you can rely on HP Easy Start to simplify the installation process.

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Hewlett Packard's Easy Start software is a valuable tool for HP printer users, making the installation process quick and easy. By providing guided setup and installing the necessary drivers, HP Easy Start ensures that users have a seamless experience with their printers.

When choosing between the available packages, it is generally recommended to download and run the smaller installation package, which will automatically fetch the latest version from the HP website. However, it is always a good idea to check the specific details provided by HP and ensure compatibility with your printer model.

With HP Easy Start, setting up your HP printer has never been easier. Say goodbye to complicated installation processes and enjoy the convenience of a seamless setup with Hewlett Packard's Easy Start software.

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