Importance of successful projects for hewlett packard: a case study

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, successful projects are crucial for the growth and sustainability of companies like Hewlett Packard. The ability to deliver successful projects not only generates revenue for the organization but also helps build a positive reputation and future prospects. In this case study analysis, we will delve into the importance of successful projects to Hewlett Packard and explore their project management practices.

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The Significance of Successful Projects for Hewlett Packard

Successful projects are vital for Hewlett Packard as they directly impact the organization's financial performance and overall attitude. When a project is successful, it generates revenue, providing the capital required to invest in new projects and initiatives. On the other hand, a failed project can result in financial losses and a negative impact on the organization's reputation.

Hewlett Packard places significant emphasis on project success because they strive to complete projects within the designated time and budget while meeting stakeholder expectations. Failing to deliver on these parameters can have severe consequences for the company's future prospects.

A successful project enhances the reputation of Hewlett Packard, attracting more clients and opportunities. It also allows the organization to develop and implement best practices, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness in future projects.

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Hewlett Packard's Project Selection Process

Hewlett Packard's project selection process plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of their projects. This process involves several screens and criteria to narrow down the number of projects to a manageable and profitable level.

The analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and plan of record (POR) are examples of Hewlett Packard's project selection methods. These processes enable the organization to evaluate and prioritize projects based on various factors such as financial viability, strategic alignment, and market demand.

The project selection process at Hewlett Packard also focuses on undertaking large and complex projects. By limiting the number of projects, the organization can allocate resources more efficiently and ensure a higher level of dedication and focus on each project.

Project Management Maturity at Hewlett Packard

Considering the project selection process and their emphasis on successful projects, it is expected that Hewlett Packard would score highly on project management maturity. The organization's systematic approach to project selection, along with its criteria and evaluation methods, demonstrates a high level of project management maturity.

Hewlett Packard's project management maturity is reflected in their ability to handle non-numeric type projects and risks. The organization employs a comprehensive and systematic approach to assess and select non-numeric projects. This approach involves collaboration between project managers and upper management, who evaluate the feasibility and potential impact of such projects.

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The new project selection process at Hewlett Packard has significantly influenced new project proposals. It has brought a more structured and systematic approach to project evaluation and selection, ensuring that projects align with the organization's strategic goals and have a higher chance of success.

In conclusion, successful projects play a crucial role in the growth and sustainability of companies like Hewlett Packard. The ability to deliver projects within the designated time, budget, and stakeholder expectations is essential for generating revenue and maintaining a positive reputation.

Hewlett Packard's project selection process, with its emphasis on profitability and strategic alignment, contributes to the organization's success. By prioritizing large and complex projects and limiting the number of initiatives, Hewlett Packard can allocate resources more efficiently and ensure a higher level of project management maturity.

Overall, Hewlett Packard's focus on successful projects and their systematic approach to project selection and management sets them apart in the highly competitive technology industry.

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