Hpe executive assistant salary: tips & highest paid positions

When it comes to executive assistant roles at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), salary is an important factor to consider. As a highly respected company in the technology industry, HPE offers competitive compensation packages to attract and retain top talent. In this article, we will explore the average salary for executive assistants at HPE, the highest paid executive assistant positions, and tips for negotiating a fair salary.

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How Much Do HP Executive Assistants Make?

The average salary for an executive assistant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the United States is approximately $80,435 per year. This figure is 36% above the national average, making HPE an attractive employer for those seeking financial stability and growth in their careers. The salary information is based on data collected directly from employees, users, and job advertisements on Indeed over the past 36 months.

hewlett packard enterprise executive assistant salary - How much do HP executive assistants make

What Is the Highest Paid Executive Assistant Position?

The highest paid executive assistant positions can offer salaries up to $175,000 per year. These roles typically require extensive experience and provide support to upper-level executives. Executive assistants in these positions are responsible for managing complex calendars, coordinating travel arrangements, handling confidential information, and performing various administrative tasks. The high salary reflects the level of responsibility and the importance of their role in supporting top-level executives.

Tips for Negotiating a Fair Salary as an Executive Assistant

When it comes to negotiating a fair salary as an executive assistant, it is essential to do your research and approach the negotiation with confidence. Here are some tips to help you navigate the negotiation process:

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  • Research: Before entering salary negotiations, gather information about the average salary for executive assistants in your area with similar qualifications and experience. This knowledge will give you a baseline for your negotiation.
  • Highlight Relevant Strengths: Emphasize your training, related experience, and skills such as organizational and social abilities. Additionally, showcase your ability to perform well under deadlines and pressure.
  • Showcase Accomplishments: Mention successful projects you have participated in and how your contributions have positively impacted the team. Highlight your willingness to go above and beyond to achieve exceptional results.
  • Emphasize Reliability and Punctuality: Highlight your track record of meeting deadlines and being punctual. Demonstrate your organizational skills and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of negotiating a fair salary as an executive assistant, whether you are starting a new position or seeking a salary increase in your current role.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers competitive salaries for executive assistants, with an average yearly pay of $80,43The highest paid executive assistant positions can offer salaries up to $175,000 per year. When negotiating a fair salary, it is important to do your research, highlight relevant strengths, showcase accomplishments, and emphasize your reliability and punctuality. By leveraging these strategies, you can position yourself for success in your executive assistant career at HPE.

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