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Varian, Inc. was a prominent manufacturer of scientific instrumentation, including gas chromatographs (GC), high-performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC), mass spectrometers (GC-MS, LC-MS, FT-MS), and molecular spectroscopy systems (UV-Vis-NIR, fluorescence, FTIR). In May 2010, Varian was purchased by Agilent Technologies, a leading provider of scientific instruments and equipment. This acquisition expanded Agilent's portfolio in the field of analytical chemistry and strengthened its position in the scientific industry.

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Varian GC History

The history of Varian gas chromatographs dates back to the Model A90, which was introduced in the early days of the company. As technology rapidly advanced in the 1960s and subsequent decades, Varian made significant improvements to its GC instruments. These advancements included incorporating solid-state electronics, microelectronics, microprocessors, new detector technologies, and column advancements.

Over the years, Varian produced more than 80 distinct gas chromatograph models. This extensive product range created a wide installed base of Varian GC and GC-MS instruments around the world. However, with Agilent's acquisition of Varian in 2010, there was a gap in the availability of autosamplers compatible with this installed base.

HTA, a leading manufacturer of universal autosamplers, stepped in to fill this gap. Their autosamplers are compatible with all Varian GC models, including CP-3800, 3900 GC, 3400, 3300, 430, and 450, as well as Varian Saturn GCMS models such as Saturn 2000, 2100, and 2200, and 1200. HTA's autosamplers ensure the highest compatibility, as they are self-contained and independent from GC firmware or hardware releases, as well as the Chromatography Data System (CDS) version.

If you own an old Varian GC or GC-MS instrument, there's no need to leave it unused. HTA autosamplers offer a solution to keep your instrument working efficiently. Contact HTA to learn more about their compatibility with Varian instruments.

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Varian Medical Systems

Varian Medical Systems, a separate entity from Varian, Inc., is an American company specializing in radiation oncology treatments and software. Based in Palo Alto, California, Varian Medical Systems develops and manufactures medical devices such as linear accelerators (LINACs) and software for cancer treatment using radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy.

The company also provides software solutions for managing cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers, and medical oncology practices. With manufacturing sites in North America, Europe, and China, Varian Medical Systems employs over 7,100 people worldwide.

In August 2020, Siemens Healthineers announced its plans to acquire Varian Medical Systems in a deal worth $14 billion. The acquisition was completed on April 15, 202After the merger, Varian Medical Systems will continue to operate independently and retain its headquarters and approximately 10,000 employees.

History of Varian

Varian Associates, the predecessor of Varian, Inc., was founded in 1948 by Russell H. Varian, Sigurd F. Varian, William Webster Hansen, and Edward Ginzton. The company initially focused on selling the Klystron, the first tube capable of generating electromagnetic waves at microwave frequencies, along with other electromagnetic equipment.

By 1999, Varian Associates had diversified into the semiconductor, vacuum tube, and medical device fields. The company split into three separate entities on April 2, 1999, with Varian Semiconductor, Varian, Inc., and Varian Medical Systems emerging as independent companies.

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Siemens Healthineers AG, a global medical technology company, announced its intention to acquire Varian Medical Systems in August 2020. The all-stock deal, valued at $14 billion, was approved and completed on April 15, 202Following the merger, Varian Medical Systems will continue to operate independently, maintaining its headquarters and workforce of approximately 10,000 employees.

Acquired Companies

Varian Medical Systems has expanded its presence in the medical technology industry through the acquisition of several companies. These acquisitions have allowed Varian to broaden its product offerings and strengthen its position in the market. Some notable acquisitions include:

  • Pan-Pacific Enterprises
  • ACCEL Instruments
  • Bio-Imaging Research, Inc.
  • Sigma Micro Informatique Conseil
  • Argus Software
  • Dosetek Oy
  • Velocity Medical Solutions
  • MeVis Medical Solutions AG

In January 2018, Varian Medical Systems announced the acquisition of Sirtex Medical for $3 billion. This acquisition expanded Varian's portfolio in the field of interventional oncology and provided access to Sirtex's innovative radiotherapy technology.

In 2019, Varian acquired CyberHeart, a privately held company specializing in cardiac radioablation and radiosurgery for cardiovascular disease. This acquisition further strengthened Varian's position in the field of radiation therapy for cardiovascular conditions.

Varian's Public Trading and Headquarters

Varian Associates, the predecessor of Varian, Inc., began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on March 25, 199The medical equipment business of Varian Associates became an independent company, Varian Medical Systems, with its own stock symbol, VAR WI, which traded until April 1, 199

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Varian Medical Systems is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. With annual revenue approaching $3 billion, the company employs over 6,000 people worldwide. Varian's dedicated team works collaboratively to advance life-saving radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy technologies that help patients overcome cancer.

Varian is committed to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. The company's personnel policies and employment practices are designed to treat each employee and job applicant based on skills and experience, without discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, marital status, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, national origin, or other protected classifications under applicable law. Varian expects all employees to treat one another with dignity and respect.

In summary, Hewlett Packard did not buy Varian. Instead, Agilent Technologies acquired Varian, Inc. in May 2010, expanding its product portfolio in the scientific instrument industry. Varian Medical Systems, a separate entity, specializes in radiation oncology treatments and software and was acquired by Siemens Healthineers in April 202These acquisitions have allowed both Agilent and Siemens Healthineers to strengthen their positions in their respective industries and offer a broader range of products and services to customers.

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