Compact and versatile: hp envy 13 x360 13-ag0001ng

The Hewlett-Packard HP Envy 13 x360 13-ag0001ng is a compact and midrange two-in-one laptop that offers a versatile computing experience. With its 13-inch touch display and 16:10 aspect ratio, this laptop provides a spacious screen for work and entertainment. Although it falls slightly short compared to the Lenovo Yoga 7i, the Envy x360 13 offers a solid performance and a sleek design.

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Design and Display

The Envy x360 13 features a slim and lightweight all-metal chassis, measuring only 0.63 inches thick and weighing just 3 pounds. Its portable design makes it easy to carry around, and the 13-inch display provides a comfortable viewing experience. The laptop's 16:10 aspect ratio offers more screen real estate compared to traditional 16:9 displays, making multitasking and window management more convenient.

The 13-inch touch display of the Envy x360 13 has a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200, delivering crisp visuals with a brightness rating of 400 nits. The screen provides ample brightness and sharpness for everyday use. Additionally, it can rotate 360 degrees into tablet mode, allowing for intuitive touchscreen interactions. However, it's worth noting that the Envy x360 13 does not come with a stylus, although one can be purchased separately.

Performance and Specifications

The Envy x360 13 is powered by an Intel Core i7-1250U processor, which offers sufficient performance for everyday computing tasks. However, the laptop's 8GB of RAM may limit its ability to handle more demanding applications and multitasking. It's recommended to upgrade to 16GB of RAM for a smoother performance, especially for creative work that requires more memory and better graphics.

As for storage, the Envy x360 13 comes with a 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD, providing ample space for your files and applications. The laptop also features Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 3 for fast and reliable wireless connectivity.

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Keyboard and Touchpad

The Envy x360 13's keyboard offers a sleek and monochrome design, matching the rest of the laptop's silver aesthetic. However, the silver keys can be difficult to read due to the low contrast with the dark gray key symbols. The keys themselves are flat and offer shallow travel, but they provide snappy feedback. The two-level backlighting feature helps improve visibility in low-light conditions.

The touchpad of the Envy x360 13 is spacious and responsive, accurately registering gestures and providing a satisfying click response. Its size and functionality contribute to a comfortable user experience.

Connectivity and Ports

The Envy x360 13 offers a range of connectivity options, including a pair of USB Type-A ports and a pair of USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 support. However, it lacks HDMI and Ethernet ports, although HP includes a USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter. The laptop also features a microSD card slot for additional storage expansion.

Battery Life

One area where the Envy x360 13 falls short is its battery life. It lasted only eight hours on CNET's battery drain test, which may not be sufficient for a full day of use without recharging. Other two-in-one laptops in its price range offer longer battery life, making them more suitable for users who need extended mobility.

Price and Availability

The HP Envy x360 13-bf0013dx is available for purchase at a price of $1,050. However, it's worth keeping an eye out for sales and discounts, as HP and Best Buy frequently offer promotional prices. Upgrading the configuration to include 16GB of RAM and an OLED display is recommended for a better overall performance and visual experience.

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The Hewlett-Packard HP Envy 13 x360 13-ag0001ng is a compact and versatile two-in-one laptop that offers a solid performance and a sleek design. While it may not match the Lenovo Yoga 7i in terms of battery life and memory capacity, the Envy x360 13 provides a comfortable computing experience with its spacious display and lightweight build. With the right configuration, it can be a reliable companion for work and entertainment on the go.

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