Hp acquires samsung printers: impact and eosl

In September 2016, Hewlett Packard (HP) made a significant move in the printer industry by acquiring Samsung's printer division. This acquisition marked a new chapter for both companies and had a profound impact on the future of Samsung printers.

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Discontinuation of Samsung Printers

Following the acquisition, HP promptly discontinued support for all Samsung-badged printers. This decision meant that Samsung printer owners would no longer receive technical assistance, spare parts, or software updates from HP.

As an authorized Samsung dealer for over five years, Barlop experienced the transition firsthand. With the acquisition, Barlop became an HP dealer as well. However, the promise of continued support and service for Samsung printers only lasted for a limited time.

End of Service Life (EOSL) for Samsung Printers

HP supported Samsung printers for a period of 3-5 years after the acquisition. However, as stated in an official HP document, there was a predetermined end of service life (EOSL) for these machines. Once the EOSL date was reached, HP would no longer provide support for the listed Samsung printer models.

Several aspects were affected by the EOSL:

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  • Spare parts availability: HP could not guarantee the availability of spare parts for Samsung printers after the EOSL date. Some parts might still be available until stocks were depleted.
  • Consumer products: Toner, drums, and waste toners for Samsung printers would depend on availability and stock.
  • Phone support discontinuance: HP would no longer provide phone support for Samsung printers after the EOSL date.
  • On-site repair: HP would not offer on-site support for troubleshooting, repair, setup, or any other actions related to Samsung printers after the EOSL date.
  • Software support: HP would not provide any kind of support for drivers, firmware, or utilities related to Samsung printers after the EOSL date. This included no support for new operating systems.

Impact on Samsung Printer Users

The EOSL announcement had a significant impact on Samsung printer users. It meant that they would no longer have access to official support channels or be able to obtain necessary spare parts for their printers.

However, it's important to note that while HP discontinued support for Samsung printers, they continued to offer their own range of printers and support services. HP has a long-standing reputation in the printer industry and provides a wide range of options for businesses and individuals.

The acquisition of Samsung's printer division by HP brought about significant changes in the printer industry. While it provided new opportunities for HP, it also meant the discontinuation of support for Samsung-badged printers.

As a result, Samsung printer users had to adapt to the EOSL announcement, which meant finding alternative solutions for their printing needs. Whether it be upgrading to a new HP printer or exploring other brands, it was crucial for Samsung printer users to consider their options and make informed decisions.

Overall, the acquisition showcased the dynamic nature of the printer industry and the need for users to stay updated with the latest developments in order to ensure a smooth printing experience.

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