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As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, access to affordable and comprehensive coverage remains a top priority for individuals and families. In Indiana, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Medicaid program plays a crucial role in providing healthcare coverage to eligible residents. This article explores the various aspects of the HPE Indiana Medicaid program, including eligibility requirements, available plans, and important updates.

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Is Medicaid Ending in Indiana?

During the COVID-19 federal public health emergency (PHE), Indiana Medicaid members were able to maintain their coverage, regardless of changes in income, resources, or Medicaid category. However, Congress passed legislation in December 2022 that ends the continuous coverage requirements on March 31, 202

This means that Medicaid eligibility redeterminations will begin again on April 1, 202For some Medicaid recipients, this could result in actions to adjust, reduce, or eliminate coverage. It's important to note that individuals who received Medicaid coverage solely due to the PHE continuous coverage requirements will be reassessed when their scheduled annual redetermination is due. Their coverage cannot be discontinued or moved to a lesser-coverage category before the full redetermination process is completed.

If you are currently enrolled in one of Indiana Medicaid's health coverage programs, such as the Healthy Indiana Plan, Hoosier Healthwise, Hoosier Care Connect, or traditional Medicaid, it is essential to take action to ensure you remain covered.

Steps to Ensure Continuity of Coverage

  1. Visit FSSABenefits.IN.gov
  2. Scroll down to the blue manage your benefits section
  3. Click on either sign in to my account or create account
  4. Verify that your contact information is accurate
  5. If you need assistance, call 800-403-0864
  6. Keep an eye on your mail and respond promptly to any requests for information

By following these steps, you can help ensure that your information is up to date and avoid any disruptions in your healthcare coverage.

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Right to Appeal

If you believe that the decision to remove you from Medicaid is incorrect, you have the right to request an appeal to contest the decision. In general, individuals can retain their Medicaid coverage while the appeal hearing is pending. It's important to note that if you no longer meet the requirements for the Medicaid category you applied under, you may qualify under a different Medicaid category. However, you only have 13 days to appeal in such cases. Appeals can also be made if Medicaid incorrectly assessed your income, family's income, or disability status.

Premium Payments and Power Accounts

Some forms of Medicaid, such as CHIP, MED Works, and HIP 0, require premium payments or Power Account contributions. Starting July 1, 2023, these premiums and contributions will resume. It's crucial to stay informed about the specific requirements and obligations associated with your Medicaid plan.

What is the Name of the Medicaid Program in Indiana?

Indiana Medicaid encompasses various health plans designed to serve different populations and address specific healthcare needs. Let's explore some of the key Indiana Medicaid programs:

Hoosier Healthwise

Hoosier Healthwise (HHW) is Indiana Medicaid's program for children, pregnant women, and families with low income. Eligibility for Hoosier Healthwise is based on family income, and children up to age 19 may be eligible for coverage. HHW covers a wide range of medical services, including doctor visits, prescription medicine, mental health care, dental care, hospitalizations, surgeries, and family planning.

Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)

The Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) is another important Indiana Medicaid program. HIP offers two different plans: HIP Plus and HIP Basic.

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HIP Plus provides comprehensive coverage with no copayments, except for improper emergency room use. It includes dental and vision benefits and requires monthly contributions to a Personal Wellness and Responsibility Account (POWER Account).

HIP Basic offers limited benefits and may involve copayments for various healthcare services. It does not include vision or dental coverage for members aged 21 and older.

What is the Income Limit for Medicaid in Indiana?

To be eligible for Indiana Medicaid, you must be a resident of Indiana and meet certain income requirements. The income limits vary based on household size. As of [current year], the annual household income limits (before taxes) for Indiana Medicaid are as follows:

  • 1 person household: $16,971
  • 2 person household: $22,930
  • 3 person household: $28,888
  • 4 person household: $34,846
  • 5 person household: $40,805
  • 6 person household: $46,763
  • 7 person household: $52,722
  • 8 person household: $58,680

Disabled individuals or those living in a Medicaid-certified institution may have higher income limits and are subject to asset limits. Additionally, some categories may require the payment of a monthly premium or contribution based on family size and income.

It's important to note that a disregard of 5% of the annual Federal Poverty Limit is applied to family income for the Healthy Indiana Plan.

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Contact Us - We're Here to Help

If you have any questions, need guidance, or require additional resources regarding the HPE Indiana Medicaid program, don't hesitate to reach out. The Arc of Indiana's family advocates are available to assist you. Contact us at 317-977-2375 or 800-382-9100 for personalized support.

Q: Is Medicaid ending in Indiana?
A: Medicaid eligibility redeterminations will begin again on April 1, 2023, but individuals who received Medicaid coverage solely due to the PHE continuous coverage requirements will be reassessed when their scheduled annual redetermination is due.
Q: What is the name of the Medicaid program in Indiana?
A: Indiana Medicaid encompasses various programs, including Hoosier Healthwise and the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).
Q: What is the income limit for Medicaid in Indiana?
A: The income limits for Indiana Medicaid depend on household size. As of [current year], the maximum income level ranges from $16,971 for a 1-person household to $58,680 for an 8-person household.

Ensuring access to healthcare coverage is crucial for the well-being of individuals and families. The HPE Indiana Medicaid program plays a vital role in providing affordable and comprehensive coverage to eligible residents. By staying informed and taking the necessary steps to maintain coverage, individuals can continue to receive the healthcare services they need.

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