Hp probook 450 g3 review: powerful performance and versatile connectivity

Are you in the market for a new laptop? Look no further than the Hewlett-Packard ProBook 450 GThis laptop offers a perfect balance of power, portability, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for both professional and personal use.

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Design and Build

The ProBook 450 G3 features a sleek and professional design, with a durable chassis that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Its 16-inch display offers a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, providing crisp and clear visuals for all your work and entertainment needs.

The laptop also comes with a full-sized keyboard, complete with a numeric keypad, making it convenient for data entry and calculations. The keys have a comfortable feel and provide excellent tactile feedback, ensuring a pleasant typing experience.


Under the hood, the ProBook 450 G3 is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor, which delivers impressive performance for multitasking and demanding applications. It also comes with 8GB of RAM, allowing for smooth and efficient multitasking without any lag.

For storage, this laptop offers a 256GB SSD, providing ample space for all your files, documents, and multimedia. The SSD also ensures faster boot times and quick access to your data, enhancing overall system performance.

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Whether you're working on spreadsheets, editing photos, or streaming videos, the ProBook 450 G3 can handle it all with ease.

hewlett-packard probook 450 g3 review - Is HP ProBook 450 G3 a gaming laptop

Connectivity and Ports

The ProBook 450 G3 offers a wide range of connectivity options to ensure you stay connected wherever you go. It comes with three USB 0 ports, allowing for fast data transfer speeds, as well as an HDMI port for connecting to external displays.

hewlett-packard probook 450 g3 review - Is the HP ProBook 450 G3 a touch screen

Additionally, it features an Ethernet port for wired internet connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities for wireless connectivity. This laptop also has a built-in SD card reader, making it convenient for transferring files from your camera or other devices.

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Is the HP ProBook 450 G3 a Touch Screen?

No, the ProBook 450 G3 does not have a touch screen. However, its non-touch display still provides excellent visuals and responsiveness for all your tasks.

Is HP ProBook 450 G3 a Gaming Laptop?

The ProBook 450 G3 is not specifically designed for gaming. While it can handle some casual gaming, it may struggle with more demanding games that require high-end graphics and processing power.

If gaming is a priority for you, it's recommended to consider a laptop specifically designed for gaming purposes.

The Hewlett-Packard ProBook 450 G3 is a reliable and powerful laptop that offers excellent performance at an affordable price. Its sleek design, impressive specifications, and range of connectivity options make it an ideal choice for both work and play.

While it may not be a touch screen laptop or a gaming powerhouse, it excels in everyday tasks and provides a smooth and efficient user experience. If you're in the market for a versatile and reliable laptop, the ProBook 450 G3 is definitely worth considering.

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  • Can I upgrade the RAM on the ProBook 450 G3?
  • Yes, the ProBook 450 G3 allows for RAM upgrades. It has two RAM slots, and you can expand the memory up to 16GB.

  • Does the ProBook 450 G3 have a backlit keyboard?
  • No, the ProBook 450 G3 does not have a backlit keyboard.

  • What is the battery life of the ProBook 450 G3?
  • The ProBook 450 G3 offers a decent battery life of up to 8 hours, depending on usage.


Processor Intel Core i5
Storage 256GB SSD
Display 16-inch (1920x1080)
Ports 3 x USB 0, HDMI, Ethernet, SD card reader
Operating System Windows 10
Battery Life Up to 8 hours

Overall, the ProBook 450 G3 offers excellent value for money, combining performance, durability, and affordability in one package. Whether you're a student, a professional, or a casual user, this laptop is sure to meet all your needs.

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