What is hewlett packard's agile buzzword?

The term agile has become a buzzword within many organizations, including Hewlett Packard. But what does it really mean to be Agile, and how can it benefit a company like Hewlett Packard?

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The Meaning of Agile

According to Atlassian, agility, from a project management or software development perspective, is an iterative approach that helps teams deliver incremental value to their customers with maximum efficiency and minimal burnout. It is a way of working that allows teams to adapt and respond to changes quickly, enabling them to deliver high-quality products and services.

Hewlett Packard, a leading technology company, has recognized the importance of agility in today's fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. By adopting Agile principles and practices, Hewlett Packard aims to create more efficient, productive, and collaborative teams.

The Elements of an Agile System

Agile is a values-driven system that prioritizes organizational structure and collaboration. The four core values of Agile are:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

These values guide the 12 principles of Agile, which include focusing on customer satisfaction, delivering value frequently, maintaining a sustainable working pace, and continuously improving technical excellence and good design.

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Several frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe, can be deployed within an organization like Hewlett Packard to establish agility using these values and principles. These frameworks emphasize the importance of cross-functional teams and customer collaboration in delivering value.

Why Agile?

The adoption of Agile by organizations like Hewlett Packard has several benefits:

  • Flexibility: Agile teams can quickly respond to changes in the marketplace and apply feedback from customers without derailing long-term plans.
  • Fail Forward Fast: Agile teams are given the freedom to fail, learn, and move forward with greater efficiency.
  • Stronger Relationships: Agile fosters stronger relationships within teams and a greater sense of shared values and practices.
  • Identifying and Resolving Bottlenecks: Agile provides an effective process for identifying and resolving bottlenecks in the development process.

However, it is important to note that Agile is not just about following a set of ceremonies or specific development techniques. It is a values and principles-driven system that requires the application of core tenets to truly benefit an organization like Hewlett Packard.

Doing Agile vs. Being Agile

Many organizations mistakenly believe that they are Agile once they have implemented Agile frameworks and established Agile task forces. However, being truly Agile requires embracing the foundational values and principles of Agile and applying them to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Being Agile involves fostering authentic interactions, reforming rigid processes, simplifying tools, and instilling the value of collaboration within the development team and with the customer. It also involves creating and releasing tangible working solutions that address customer pain points and maintaining a flexible and adaptable plan.

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Regular inspection of team dynamics and value delivery is essential for continuous improvement. Each team member should become an Agile champion, actively seeking ways to improve people, processes, and tools.

Hewlett Packard, like many organizations, has recognized the value of embracing an Agile approach to doing business. By adopting Agile principles and practices, Hewlett Packard aims to create more efficient, productive, and collaborative teams. The benefits of Agile include flexibility, the opportunity to fail and learn quickly, stronger relationships within teams, and the ability to identify and resolve bottlenecks. However, it is important to remember that being Agile goes beyond implementing frameworks and task forces. It requires embracing the values and principles of Agile and continuously improving to meet the specific needs of the organization.

To learn more about Agile and its benefits, visit the Hewlett Packard website or connect with them on social media.

About the Author

Sheyinka Harry is the Manager of Agile Transformation at QualityWorks Consulting Group. With years of experience working with product development teams across the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean, she has helped streamline and optimize their software delivery process and build products that users love. She has also worked with enterprise-level teams to support their delivery teams and ensure their success. Sheyinka is passionate about helping organizations achieve their goals through Agile transformation.

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