Hewlett packard hwy 249: a guide to tomball parkway

Are you familiar with Hewlett Packard? If you're a tech enthusiast, chances are you've heard of this renowned technology company. But did you know that Hewlett Packard is closely tied to a highway in Texas? That's right, we're talking about Hewlett Packard Hwy 249, also known as the Tomball Parkway. In this article, we'll dive into the details of this highway, its history, and its significance. So, buckle up and let's hit the road!

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What is Hewlett Packard Hwy 249?

Hewlett Packard Hwy 249, officially known as State Highway 249 (SH 249), is a major north-south highway in Southeast Texas. It stretches for approximately 4443 miles, connecting North Houston at Interstate 45 (I-45) to SH 105 in Navasota. However, depending on its location, the highway is called by different names, including West Mount Houston Road, Tomball Parkway, Tomball Tollway, MCTRA 249 Tollway, or the Aggie Expressway.

Route Description

West Mount Houston Road Section

The section of SH 249 between I-45 and West Montgomery is known as West Mount Houston Road. This part of the highway is an important local arterial road that extends east beyond the SH 249 intersection to Airline Drive. It serves as a crucial connection for the local community.

Tomball Parkway Section

Once you pass West Montgomery Road, you'll enter the Tomball Parkway section of SH 24South of its intersection with Hollister Road, Tomball Parkway functions as a local arterial road. However, as you head north, it transforms into a non-tolled freeway until it reaches Northpointe Boulevard. At Northpointe Boulevard, the Tomball Tollway begins, offering a faster and more convenient route for drivers.

Tomball Tollway Section

The Tomball Tollway is divided into two phases. Phase I spans 6 miles, extending from just north of Spring Cypress Road to the existing Tomball bypass. This phase features three lanes in each direction and is designed to bypass seven stoplights. Only electronic toll-tags, such as EZ Tag, TollTag, and TxTag, are accepted, with no cash payments allowed. The toll for Phase I is $50 for two-axle vehicles, while the SH 249 frontage roads remain free for all drivers. Phase I construction began in fall 2013 and was completed on April 12, 201

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Phase II of the Tomball Tollway extends the tollway into Montgomery County from Business SH 249-B to Sentinel Oaks. This $335 million project was overseen by the Harris and Montgomery County toll road authorities. Construction for Phase II commenced in fall 2016 and was opened to traffic on December 19, 201

MCTRA 249 Tollway Section

The MCTRA 249 Tollway section of SH 249 spans from Spring Creek to FM 1774 in Pinehurst. This tolled section is maintained by the Montgomery County Toll Road Authority (MCTRA) and is signed as MCTRA 249 Tollway. The tollway opened in different segments, with the first section from Spring Creek to Sentinel Oaks coinciding with Phase II of the HCTRA segment on December 19, 201Construction for the next segment from Sentinel Oaks to FM 1774 began in spring 2018 and opened on March 26, 2020. The final section connecting to the TxDOT maintained section north of Woodtrace Boulevard opened on August 8, 2020. The toll for MCTRA's segment is $40 for two-axle vehicles, and electronic toll-tags are the only accepted form of payment.

Aggie Expressway Section

The Aggie Expressway section of SH 249, also known as Segment 1A, extends from FM 1774 in Pinehurst to FM 1488 east of Magnolia. This tolled section is maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and was opened on August 8, 2020. Initially, no tolls were charged until December 2020. The cost to drive Segment 1A is $89, and TxDOT offers a pay-by-mail option in addition to electronic toll-tags.

Segment 1B of the Aggie Expressway spans another eight miles from FM 1488 to FM 1774 north of Todd Mission. This segment opened to traffic on March 26, 2021, with a toll of $47 for two-axle vehicles.

The final segment of SH 249, known as Segment 2 of the Aggie Expressway, stretches from FM 1774 near Todd Mission to SH 105 east of Navasota. Construction for Segment 2 began in late 2018 and was opened to all traffic on October 28, 202

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The history of Hewlett Packard Hwy 249 dates back to its designation as State Highway 249 in 198At that time, the highway's importance grew with the relocation of Compaq, later acquired by Hewlett-Packard, near the intersection of SH 249 and Louetta Rd. In 2003, a portion of SH 249 in Tomball was renamed Business SH 249B to bypass the city on the west side.

Over the years, SH 249 has undergone several extensions and renumberings. In 2015, SH 249 was extended northwest from FM 149 and FM 1774 to SH 105 near Stoneham. A section of SH 249 from Woodtrace Boulevard to FM 149 was renumbered as a southern extension of FM 1774 in December 201The FM 1774 extension was further modified in June 2020, with only the frontage roads retaining the SH 249 designation. On August 8, 2020, the section of SH 249 from FM 1774 to FM 1488 was opened, followed by the segment from FM 1488 to FM 1774 on March 26, 202

Originally, SH 249 was designated in 1937 from then-SH 73 (now Interstate 10) near San Felipe to the Brazos River. It was later redesignated as Texas Spur 99 in 1940 and became part of Farm to Market Road 1458 in 196

Today, the extension of SH 249 aims to alleviate traffic congestion and provide faster connections for Texas A&M University and businesses in the Bryan/College Station, Conroe, and northwest Houston regions. The completion of the Aggie Expressway in October 2022 marks a significant milestone in the highway's history.

In Popular Culture

It's worth mentioning that Hewlett Packard Hwy 249 has even made its way into popular culture. The country music group Eli Young Band references highway 249 in their 2008 single always the love songs. Several band members grew up in Tomball, Texas, where the highway is located.

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Hewlett Packard Hwy 249, also known as the Tomball Parkway, is a vital highway in Southeast Texas. It connects major cities and communities, providing a convenient and efficient route for commuters and travelers. Whether you're driving on the West Mount Houston Road section, the Tomball Tollway, or the Aggie Expressway, Hewlett Packard Hwy 249 offers a smooth journey. So, next time you hit the road in Texas, remember the significance of Hewlett Packard Hwy 249 and enjoy the ride!

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