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When it comes to the field of human performance improvement, there are a few terms that are often used interchangeably, causing confusion and a lack of understanding. These terms are Human Performance Engineering (HPE), Human Performance Technology (HPT), and Human Performance Improvement (HPI). In order to move forward with a comprehensive and effective approach to improving human performance, it is crucial to establish clear definitions for each of these terms.

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The Importance of a Common Language

In his book, the new language of work, Langdon emphasized the importance of using a common language that is understood by all. Without a common language, individuals may not be on the same page when discussing and solving problems, leading to confusion and ineffective solutions. This lack of a commonly agreed upon language may have created a barrier to acceptance and application of HPE, HPT, and HPI.

Human Performance Engineering was first introduced by Tom Gilbert in the late 1970s. Gilbert, a behavioral psychologist, realized that formal learning programs often only resulted in a change in knowledge, not behavior. He discovered that performance is a function of an interaction between a person's behavior and their work environment. This breakthrough led to a new approach in analyzing performer behaviors and identifying barriers to performance in the work environment.

Defining Human Performance Engineering

Engineering, in general, is the discipline of acquiring and applying knowledge to design and build structures, machines, systems, and processes that help achieve a desired objective. When it comes to Human Performance Engineering (HPE), it is a systematic approach to solving complex problems experienced by individuals, teams, or units. HPE utilizes Human Performance Technology (HPT) to analyze current and desired levels of performance, identify performance gaps, offer interventions, guide change management, and evaluate results.

Human Performance Engineering goes beyond addressing individual performance problems. It focuses on correcting, enhancing, and adding to the work environment to remove barriers and support desired behaviors. It takes into account factors such as equipment, materials, knowledge, methods, administrative and managerial systems to ensure significant improvement in overall performance.

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The Role of Engineers in Human Performance Engineering

Just like there are different types of engineers specializing in various fields, Human Performance Engineers specialize in human performance improvement resulting in organizational efficiency and effectiveness. They have a toolkit of tools, technologies, and methods that can be applied to resolve performance issues in a particular situation. Human Performance Engineering follows a systematic approach, starting with assessing the current situation, identifying the desired performance level, conducting gap analysis, and developing intervention options.

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Why Clarity in Terminology is Crucial

In order for the field of Human Performance Engineering to expand and develop, it is essential to have clear definitions for the terms used. This clarity allows leaders and organizations to understand the value that Human Performance Engineers provide and enables progress in the field. Additionally, the development of applicable tools for analyzing, implementing, and evaluating non-training interventions is crucial for the growth of the field.

Hewlett Packard Engineers play a vital role in Human Performance Engineering, focusing on improving human performance and organizational efficiency. By establishing clear definitions for terms such as HPE, HPT, and HPI, and utilizing a systematic approach, these engineers can effectively identify and address performance gaps in the work environment. With a common language and agreed-upon definitions, the field of Human Performance Engineering can continue to grow and provide valuable solutions for organizations.

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