Lucrative hewlett packard bpo jobs in bangalore: a career opportunity

Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, is a hub for the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Hewlett Packard, a renowned multinational company, offers excellent BPO job opportunities in Bangalore. If you are considering a career in the BPO sector, Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore can be a great choice.

hewlett packard bpo jobs in bangalore - Which BPO company pays highest salary

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Why choose Hewlett Packard BPO Jobs in Bangalore?

Hewlett Packard (HP) is a globally recognized brand known for its technology products and services. With a strong presence in India, HP provides a wide range of BPO services across various industries. Working for Hewlett Packard BPO in Bangalore can offer numerous benefits:

  • Competitive Salary: HP offers attractive salary packages for BPO professionals in Bangalore. The salary is competitive and provides a good standard of living.
  • Career Growth: HP values employee growth and provides ample opportunities for career advancement. With training programs and career development initiatives, you can enhance your skills and climb the corporate ladder.
  • Work-Life Balance: HP promotes a healthy work-life balance, ensuring that employees have time for personal commitments and leisure activities.
  • Employee Benefits: HP provides comprehensive employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.
  • Global Exposure: Working for a multinational company like HP gives you exposure to global clients and projects, enhancing your professional experience.

Salary of BPO Freshers in Bangalore

When it comes to the salary of BPO freshers in Bangalore, it varies based on factors such as the company, job role, and skills. However, on average, a BPO executive in Bangalore earns around ₹17,506 per month. This figure is based on reported salaries and may vary depending on individual circumstances.

Which BPO Company Pays the Highest Salary?

While many BPO companies offer competitive salaries, it is essential to research and choose the best option for your career goals. Hewlett Packard is known for providing attractive salary packages to its employees. However, other BPO companies in Bangalore, such as Accenture, Wipro, and Infosys, also offer competitive salaries and growth opportunities.

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How can I apply for Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore?

To apply for Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore, visit the official HP careers website. Browse through the available job openings, select the desired position, and follow the application process outlined on the website.

What are the typical job roles in Hewlett Packard BPO?

Hewlett Packard BPO offers a range of job roles, including customer support executives, technical support executives, data entry operators, and quality analysts. The specific job roles may vary based on the project requirements.

Is prior experience required for Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore?

Prior experience is not always mandatory for entry-level BPO positions at Hewlett Packard. However, having relevant skills and experience can give you an advantage during the selection process.

What are the working hours for BPO jobs in Bangalore?

The working hours for BPO jobs in Bangalore may vary based on the project and client requirements. BPO companies often have rotational shifts to cater to international clients across different time zones.

hewlett packard bpo jobs in bangalore - What is the salary of BPO freshers in Bangalore

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Are there growth opportunities in Hewlett Packard BPO jobs?

Yes, Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore offer ample growth opportunities. The company provides training programs, skill enhancement initiatives, and a clear career progression path for employees.

Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore provide an excellent opportunity for individuals looking for a rewarding career in the BPO industry. With competitive salaries, career growth prospects, and a reputed brand name, HP BPO jobs can be a stepping stone to a successful professional journey. If you are passionate about customer service, technology, and want to be part of a global organization, consider applying for Hewlett Packard BPO jobs in Bangalore.

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