Hewlett packard singapore: impact, workforce, and future plans

Hewlett Packard (HP) has a significant presence in Singapore, serving as its Asia-Pacific headquarters and global manufacturing base for printer heads and ink-related supplies. The company has been operating in Singapore since 1970, initially manufacturing core memories for HP 211X computers. Over the years, HP Singapore has expanded its operations and workforce, currently employing around 4,000 employees as of September 202

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HP's Impact in Singapore

HP's presence in Singapore has contributed to the country's technological development and economic growth. The company's decision to establish its operations in Singapore was not solely based on low-cost labor but also the highly skilled workforce available. Singapore's women were particularly suited for the intricate stringing of tiny doughnuts onto fine copper wires in core memory production, enabling HP to reduce the cost of its core memories by about thirty percent.

HP Singapore benefitted from pioneer status granted by the Singaporean government, which meant that income from the operations was largely tax-free for the first several years. This favorable business environment allowed HP to thrive and grow rapidly, becoming the fastest-growing HP entity at the time.

HP's Workforce in Singapore

While HP recently announced global job cuts of 4,000 to 6,000 over the next three years, the company has not disclosed specific details about the impact on its Singapore workforce. However, HP has emphasized its commitment to treating employees with care and respect, offering financial and career services support to help them find new opportunities.

HP's Future Plans in Singapore

As HP navigates the decline in PC demand and seeks to adapt to changing market dynamics, the company is exploring new lines of business and investment opportunities in Singapore. HP Singapore aims to invest in subscription services, such as ink subscriptions, and explore plans for other products like printer paper and computers. By diversifying its offerings, HP aims to secure its position in the market and drive future growth.

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CEO of HP Singapore

The CEO of HP Singapore is Antonio Neri. As the CEO and President of HPE, Neri plays a crucial role in overseeing HP's operations and strategic direction in Singapore and the wider Asia-Pacific region.

HP Singapore has been a key player in the country's technology and manufacturing sector since 1970. With its Asia-Pacific headquarters and global manufacturing base for printer heads and ink-related supplies, HP has contributed to Singapore's economic growth and technological advancement. As the company faces challenges in the PC market, HP Singapore is actively exploring new business opportunities and investing in subscription services to ensure its continued success in the evolving tech industry.

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