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Bill Hewlett, one of the co-founders of Hewlett Packard (HP), was not only a successful entrepreneur but also a philanthropist and a visionary. His contributions to the technology industry and his dedication to improving the quality of life for others are a testament to his character and leadership. In this article, we will explore the life and achievements of Bill Hewlett, the founder of Hewlett Packard.

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The Early Years:

William Redington Hewlett, commonly known as Bill Hewlett, was born on May 20, 1913, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He grew up in a family that valued education and innovation, which laid the foundation for his future success. Hewlett attended Stanford University, where he earned a degree in electrical engineering.

Building a Friendship:

During his time at Stanford, Hewlett met another bright and ambitious student, Dave Packard. The two quickly became friends and discovered a shared passion for electronics and tinkering with machines. This friendship would eventually lead to the birth of Hewlett Packard.

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The Birth of Hewlett Packard:

In 1939, Hewlett and Packard founded Hewlett Packard in a small garage in Palo Alto, California. With an initial investment of $538, they started their journey to revolutionize the electronics industry. Their first product, the HP Model 200A, an audio oscillator, became a huge success and set the stage for the company's future growth.

Philanthropy and Giving Back:

Bill Hewlett believed in the importance of giving back to society. Throughout his life, he dedicated his time and resources to various charitable causes. He established the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 1966, which has since become one of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations.

Impact on Education:

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Hewlett's philanthropic efforts were focused on improving education, both locally and globally. He believed that education was the key to unlocking individuals' potential and creating a better future. Through his foundation, he supported initiatives in K-12 education, as well as higher education institutions such as Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Global Outreach:

Hewlett's philanthropic interests extended beyond the United States. He supported programs and organizations that aimed to improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. He also played a role in conflict resolution efforts in various regions of the world.

Environmental Conservation:

As an avid outdoorsman and nature lover, Hewlett was deeply committed to preserving the environment. He supported initiatives focused on environmental conservation, particularly in the western United States. His love for nature and the outdoors inspired him to protect and preserve the natural beauty of California's landscapes.

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Legacy and Impact:

Bill Hewlett's legacy extends far beyond the success of Hewlett Packard. His contributions to the technology industry, his philanthropic endeavors, and his commitment to education and the environment continue to inspire and influence generations to come. His moral compass, guided by principles such as knowledge, modesty, justice, and hard work, serves as a beacon of inspiration for individuals and organizations alike.


Q: What were some of Bill Hewlett's major accomplishments?

A: Bill Hewlett co-founded Hewlett Packard, a company that became a pioneer in the electronics industry. He also established the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, one of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations.

Q: What were Bill Hewlett's philanthropic interests?

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A: Bill Hewlett was passionate about education, environmental conservation, and global outreach. He supported initiatives in K-12 education, higher education institutions, environmental conservation efforts, and programs aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged communities worldwide.

Q: How did Bill Hewlett's friendship with Dave Packard contribute to their success?

A: Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard's friendship laid the foundation for the success of Hewlett Packard. Their shared passion for electronics and their complementary skills and strengths allowed them to create innovative products and build a thriving company.


In conclusion, Bill Hewlett's contributions as the founder of Hewlett Packard and his philanthropic efforts have left an indelible mark on the technology industry and society as a whole. His commitment to education, environmental conservation, and global outreach continues to inspire and shape the world we live in. Bill Hewlett's legacy serves as a reminder that success is not only measured by financial achievements but also by the positive impact we have on others.

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