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When it comes to displays, Hewlett Packard (HP) is a name that stands out in the industry. With a wide range of monitors designed for both personal and professional use, HP displays are known for their high-quality visuals, innovative features, and reliable performance. In this article, we will explore the benefits of HP displays and how they can enhance your visual experience.

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Introducing HP Display Manager

One of the standout features of HP displays is the HP Display Manager. This web-based application is a valuable tool for IT admins and asset management teams, allowing them to remotely track, configure, and control display settings and features of supported monitors.

With HP Display Manager, IT admins can easily manage a fleet of displays, ensuring consistent settings across multiple monitors. This centralized control simplifies the configuration process, saving time and effort for IT professionals.

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Key Features of HP Display Manager

HP Display Manager offers a range of features that enhance the usability and functionality of HP monitors. Some of the key features include:

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  • KVM Toggle: The latest version of HP Display Manager introduces a KVM toggle feature, allowing users to switch between connected devices seamlessly.
  • Built-in Audio Control: With the enable/disable built-in audio function, users can easily manage audio settings directly from the display.
  • Advanced Settings: The updated version of HP Display Manager provides additional settings under the advanced section, giving users more control over their display configurations.

Supported HP Displays

HP Display Manager is compatible with a wide range of HP monitors. Some of the supported displays include:

  • Z24f G3
  • Z24n G3
  • Z24u G3
  • Z25xs G3
  • Z27k G3
  • Z27q G3
  • Z27u G3
  • Z27xs G3
  • Z32
  • Z38c
  • Z43
  • E22 G4
  • E23 G4
  • E24 G4
  • E24 G5
  • E243d
  • E243m
  • E24d G4
  • E24i G4
  • E24m G4
  • E24mv G4
  • E24q G4
  • E24q G5
  • E24t G4
  • E24t G5
  • E24u G4
  • E24u G5
  • E27 G4
  • E27 G5
  • E273m
  • E27d G4
  • E27k G5
  • E27m G4
  • E27q G4
  • E27q G5
  • E27u G4
  • E27u G5
  • E34m G4
  • P22 G4
  • P22 G5
  • P22h G4
  • P22h G5
  • P22v G5
  • P24 G4
  • P24h G4
  • P27 G5
  • P27h G4
  • P27h G5
  • P32u G5
  • P34hc G4

HP Display Manager Firmware Updates

HP is committed to continuously improving the performance and functionality of its displays. Firmware updates are regularly released to address bugs, introduce new features, and enhance compatibility with various operating systems.

Here are some recent firmware updates for HP Display Manager:

Version Date Release Notes
10 1/30/2023 KVM toggle added to Features card, bug fixes, and improvements
8 9/23/2022 Added enable/disable built-in audio function, bug fixes, and improvements
7 4/7/2022 Additional fields available in list view of the dashboard, expanded settings when creating a profile, various UI improvements
4 12/17/2021 Added support for Ubuntu and MacOS host agents, various minor improvements
0.0 2/19/2021 Initial release of software

HP displays, coupled with the powerful HP Display Manager, offer a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing your visual experience. Whether you are a professional in need of accurate color reproduction or a gamer seeking immersive visuals, HP displays deliver exceptional performance and versatility. With regular firmware updates and a wide range of supported monitors, HP continues to innovate and provide users with cutting-edge display technology.

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