Hewlett packard tunable laser spectrum: wide range & high power

The Hewlett Packard tunable laser spectrum is a powerful tool used in various industries for spectral measurements and component testing. This tunable laser source offers a wide wavelength range and high power output, making it suitable for a range of applications.

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What is the wavelength range of tunable lasers?

Tunable lasers are capable of emitting light at different wavelengths within a specific range. The wavelength range of the Hewlett Packard tunable laser spectrum is as follows:

  • 1240-1380 nm
  • 1340-1495 nm
  • 1450-1650 nm
  • 1490-1640 nm

This broad range allows for flexibility in testing and experimentation, catering to different wavelength requirements.

What is N7778C tunable laser source?

The N7778C tunable laser source is a member of the Hewlett Packard tunable laser spectrum. It offers a peak output power of more than +12 dBm, providing ample power for various applications. The laser source has a sweep speed of up to 200 nm/s, allowing for efficient testing and measurements.

Key features of the N7778C tunable laser source include:

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  • Max. power: > +12 dBm peak typ. (Options 114, 116, 216) or > +13 dBm peak typ. (Option 113)
  • New: extra-high power option with > 18 dBm peak (Option 013)
  • Signal to SSE ratio: ≥ 75 dB/nm typical (≥ 50 dB/nm typical for Option 013)
  • Absolute wavelength accuracy: ±5 pm static, ±10 pm sweeping typical

The N7778C tunable laser source is designed to provide a balance of features, performance, and price, making it suitable for cost-effective manufacturing-floor component testing and coherent transmission experiments.

Applications in Silicon Photonics

The N7778C tunable laser source, specifically the new Option 013, is an excellent choice for testing and developing components with Silicon Photonics or integrated photonics technology. With an output power of more than +16 dBm across the 1290 nm to 1340 nm range, it allows for external modulation in bit error rate (BER) testing. This feature is particularly beneficial for verifying the spectral responsivity and sensitivity of receiver optical subassemblies (ROSA) for Ethernet.

Enhanced Wavelength Tuning Performance

The N7778C tunable laser source offers enhanced wavelength tuning performance with default fine tuning without overshoot. This means that there is no need for a separate fine-tuning control, simplifying the wavelength-optimization procedures. The laser source provides smooth tuning with a resolution of 0.1 pm, thanks to automatic coordination of the motor and piezoelectric-actuator.

Software Compatibility and User Interface

The N7778C tunable laser source is software compatible with the industry-standard 8160xA and 81600B lasers, ensuring seamless integration into existing setups. It is supported by the photonic application suite software, allowing for spectral measurements of insertion loss, polarization dependent loss, and dispersion.

The laser source can be controlled remotely using a web browser interface, accessible via LAN or USB connection. For local operator access and monitoring of current operating parameters, an optional touch-screen display is available.

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The Hewlett Packard tunable laser spectrum, including the N7778C tunable laser source, offers a versatile and powerful solution for spectral measurements and component testing. With its wide wavelength range, high power output, and enhanced tuning performance, it is suitable for various applications in industries such as telecommunications, photonics, and research and development.

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