Hewlett packard senior vice president salary: exploring roles and compensation

Hewlett Packard, commonly known as HP, is a multinational technology company that specializes in providing a wide range of hardware and software products to consumers and businesses. With a rich history and a strong presence in the industry, HP offers various job opportunities, including executive positions such as Senior Vice President.

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What is the Role of a Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard?

A Senior Vice President (SVP) at Hewlett Packard is a high-ranking executive responsible for overseeing and managing critical business functions within the company. They play a crucial role in formulating and implementing strategic initiatives, driving growth, and ensuring the overall success of the organization.

The responsibilities of a Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard may include:

  • Setting and executing the company's strategic goals and objectives
  • Leading and managing teams to achieve business targets
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders
  • Identifying and capitalizing on new business opportunities
  • Ensuring operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Providing leadership and guidance to employees

Hewlett Packard Senior Vice President Salary

When it comes to the salary of a Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard, it is important to note that compensation can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and performance. However, according to the latest data available, the salary range for this position at HP is ₹30L - ₹51L per year, with an average base pay of ₹34L.

hewlett packard senior vice president salary - How much does the CEO of HPQ make a year

In addition to the base salary, Senior Vice Presidents at Hewlett Packard can also receive additional cash compensation. On average, the additional cash compensation for a Senior Vice President in India is ₹6,00,000, with a range from ₹4,00,000 to ₹10,00,000.

It is worth mentioning that these salary figures are based on 6,580 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Vice President employees in India. As with any job, it is important to keep in mind that individual circumstances and negotiations can impact the final salary package.

Q: How much does the CEO of HPQ make a year?

A: The salary of the CEO of HPQ, which is the parent company of Hewlett Packard, can vary depending on various factors. However, according to available data, the CEO of HPQ makes a substantial salary, often in the range of millions of dollars per year.

hewlett packard senior vice president salary - What is the latest salary of vice president

It is important to note that executive compensation, including the CEO's salary, is determined by the company's board of directors and is influenced by factors such as company performance, industry benchmarks, and market conditions.

Q: Are there any other benefits or perks for Senior Vice Presidents at Hewlett Packard?

A: In addition to the salary and cash compensation, Senior Vice Presidents at Hewlett Packard may be eligible for a range of benefits and perks. These can include health insurance, retirement plans, stock options, performance bonuses, and other incentives. The specific benefits and perks can vary based on the individual's employment agreement and the company's policies.

Q: How can one become a Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard?

A: The path to becoming a Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard typically involves a combination of relevant education, extensive work experience, and a successful track record in leadership roles. It is important to demonstrate strong business acumen, strategic thinking, and the ability to drive results. Networking, continuous learning, and professional development can also contribute to career growth within the company.

Overall, the role of a Senior Vice President at Hewlett Packard is a prestigious and highly rewarding position. It offers an opportunity to make a significant impact on the company's success while enjoying competitive compensation and benefits.

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