How to print to hp m1217 email address | setup & usage guide

Are you looking to print to your Hewlett Packard M1217 email address? In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up and using the Scan to Email feature on your HP printer. Whether you have an HP OfficeJet Pro, a DeskJet, or another model, these instructions will work for you.

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How to Add an Email Address to Your HP Printer

If you're wondering how to scan a document from your HP printer to your email, you've come to the right place. We will cover any you may have about the HP scan-to-email feature and have you sending attachments in no time.

Before we get started, there are a few things you will need:

  • Admin permissions on your HP printer
  • An SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server)
  • A working Wi-Fi connection
  • At least one recipient to send your scanned files to
  • Your printer's IP address

Additionally, you will need a desktop or laptop device to connect to your printer.

Using the Scan to Email Wizard on Windows

If you are using a Windows device, follow these steps to use the Scan to Email feature from your HP printer:

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  1. Open the HP printer assistant from the All Programs menu on your home screen.
  2. Choose the Scan option from the printer assistant, then select the Scan to Email Wizard.
  3. Click on new under Outgoing Email Profiles.
  4. Type in the sender's email address and name on the home page.
  5. Move on to the second page and enter the SMTP Server name and SMTP Port number. If you are using a hosted service like Gmail, make sure to double-check the SMTP address and SSL/TLS settings.
  6. Choose the Maximum Size of Email option and adjust the settings according to your needs.
  7. Click on the Configure page and select include sender in all email messages sent out successfully from the printer.
  8. Click on Finish to complete the setup.

Using the Scan-to-Email Feature on macOS

If you have a Mac device, follow these steps to use the Scan to Email feature using the EWS (Embedded Web Server) method:

  1. Click on the go menu and select utilities, then open the Hewlett-Packard folder.
  2. Double-click on hp utility to access the EWS.
  3. Choose additional settings under printer settings and select open embedded web server.
  4. Alternatively, you can choose scan to email under scan settings and then select begin scan to email setup.
  5. The EWS will open, and you can follow the guidelines provided to set up your scan-to-email function.

Increase Efficiency with Scan-to-Email

Using the Scan to Email feature on your HP printer can significantly increase your efficiency and save you time. Instead of manually recreating a physical document on your device, you can simply scan it and send it as an email attachment. This eliminates the need to double-check everything and ensures that the document looks the way it should.

Once you have set up the Scan to Email feature, you can easily send professional-grade email messages with scanned documents. It's a free and easy-to-master feature that works on both Windows and macOS devices.

What is an SMTP server for an HP printer?

An SMTP server, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server, is responsible for sending, receiving, and relaying email messages. It is essential for the Scan to Email feature on your HP printer to work properly. The SMTP server handles the email delivery process, ensuring that your scanned documents are sent to the correct recipients.

Why is my HP printer not printing from email?

If your HP printer is not printing from email, there could be several reasons for this issue. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

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  • Check your printer's Wi-Fi connection to ensure it is connected to the same network as your device.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct SMTP server name and SMTP port number in the Scan to Email settings.
  • Verify that the recipient's email address is entered correctly.
  • Restart your printer and try again.

If the issue persists, it is recommended to contact HP support for further assistance.

With the Scan to Email feature on your HP printer, you can easily send scanned documents as email attachments. Follow the instructions provided in this guide to set up and use this convenient feature. Enjoy increased efficiency and save time by eliminating manual document recreation. If you encounter any issues, refer to the or seek support from HP.

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