Hp m477fnw: powerful wireless printer

The Hewlett Packard M477fnw is a versatile and high-performing printer that has gained popularity among businesses and individuals alike. With its impressive features and capabilities, it offers a reliable and efficient printing solution for various needs.

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Is the M477fnw Discontinued?

Yes, the M477fnw has been discontinued. However, the fact that it is no longer in production does not diminish its value and performance. Many users still rely on this printer for their printing needs and continue to benefit from its advanced features.

hewlett packard m477fnw - What is the spec of the HP M477fnw

Is the M477fnw Wireless?

Yes, the M477fnw is a wireless printer, which means it can connect to your network wirelessly. This feature allows for easy and convenient printing from multiple devices, such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With wireless connectivity, you can print documents and photos from anywhere within the range of your network.

hewlett packard m477fnw - Is HP M477fnw wireless

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What Are the Specifications of the HP M477fnw?

The HP M477fnw offers impressive specifications that contribute to its outstanding performance. It boasts a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, which can be enhanced to an impressive 38400 x 600 dpi for exceptionally detailed and sharp documents. This high resolution ensures that your prints are of the highest quality, whether you are printing text or images.

In addition to its excellent print resolution, the M477fnw has a speedy print speed of 28 pages per minute (ppm). This fast printing capability allows you to complete your printing tasks quickly and efficiently, making it ideal for busy environments where time is of the essence.

hewlett packard m477fnw - Is the M477fnw discontinued

Furthermore, the M477fnw has a monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages. This means that it is designed to handle a high volume of printing without compromising its performance or durability. Whether you need to print a few pages or thousands of pages per month, this printer can handle the workload with ease.

The Hewlett Packard M477fnw is a discontinued wireless printer that offers impressive specifications and capabilities. Despite being discontinued, it continues to be a reliable and efficient printing solution for various needs. With its high print resolution, fast print speed, and durable design, it is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals seeking a versatile printer that delivers exceptional results.

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