HP Smart App Download and Install

The HP Smart App is software used to simplify the printing process. With HP Smart App, you can set up the printer to Wi-Fi at ease. It can also assist in on-the-go prints. The HP Smart App is easy to install and use. Here, you will get all the instructions to install and use the HP Smart App.

Every HP printer becomes smart with the HP Smart App. Search for and install the latest version of Smart App. Enjoy printing at ease and explore productivity.

HP Smart App Download on Windows

  • Power up the Windows PC and look at the current Windows OS version.
  • Upgrade to the latest OS if the current OS is not up to the trend.
  • Now, open the browser and enable the third-party application permissions.
  • Go to a genuine HP website and find the printer model.
  • Tap on the printer model and wait for the compatible HP Smart App to display.
  • Tap on the download button and wait for the HP Smart App to download.
  • Now, get along with the Smart App installation guidelines.
  • Install the HP Smart App and allow all the App terms and conditions.
  • Now, open the App and tap on the plus icon present on the home screen.
  • Add your HP printer model and sign up with your HP account to register.
  • Next, choose remote printing service or scan to Cloud feature.
  • Assign print tasks and get your files printing online without hassles.

HP Smart App Download on MAC

  • Boot up the MAC system and check if your MAC has the latest OS.
  • Else, update the OS at first and proceed with the following steps.
  • Enable the third-party application permissions and go to a browser.
  • Land on an official HP website and search for your printer model from the list.
  • Pick your printer model and tap on it to proceed.
  • Now, click on the download icon and wait for the HP Smart App to download.
  • Next, get along with the installation guidelines to install the Smart App.
  • Now, open the App and allow all the App terms and permissions.
  • Next, add your printer model by clicking the plus sign on the home screen.
  • Sign up with your HP account to register your HP printer model to the App.
  • Next, choose a remote printing service or scan to Cloud of your printing need.
  • Assign print jobs and get them done on time.
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How to Print using HP Smart App

  • Open the HP Smart App and tap on your printer icon.
  • Tap on the services menu and pick the print from anywhere option.
  • If the printer does not support a remote printing service, you will see a prompt.
  • Now, register the HP printer model by signing up with your HP account.
  • And enable the remote printing service for your printer model.
  • Next, return to the home page of the HP Smart App.
  • Choose print photos or print documents menu of your choice.
  • Now, navigate to the files folder and pick a file you want to print.
  • You will get a print preview with the print settings on the App screen.
  • Make all the print setting changes of your choice and tap continue.
  • Once you are ready with the print settings, click on the Print icon.

How to Scan using HP Smart App

  • On the home screen of the HP Smart App, click on either print scan or camera scan.
  • Next, tap on the settings menu and choose the scan preferences menu.
  • Make all the scan settings and adjustments of your need.
  • Click on the source menu if you want to change the source of the scan.
  • Choose scan from mobile, computer, or tablet of your need.
  • Tap on the reset button now to change the scan preferences on the selected files.
  • Get a preview window to add or reorder the pages.
  • You can also tap on the edit icon to enhance the scan files.
  • Select Done if the edits and page additions are over.
  • Now, the App screen will show you a scan preview with all the changes.
  • Now, tap on the scan button and wait for the files to scan to the chosen destination.