Hp 7520 printer: black ink cartridge issues & solutions

Are you struggling with the black ink issue on your Hewlett Packard 7520 printer? You're not alone. Many users have faced similar challenges with this particular printer model. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the presence of two black ink cartridges in the HP 7520 printer and explore possible solutions to this problem.

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The Design Flaw

It is evident from various user threads that HP did not design the ink cartridge system of the 7520 printer very well. Users have expressed their frustration at the inability to find the smaller, bowtie-shaped black ink cartridge at local stores like Staples. This scarcity raises concerns about the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the printer.

Furthermore, some users have reported that their printer does not print black when they have installed only a new XL black 564 cartridge. This issue highlights the need for better clarity and instructions from HP regarding cartridge compatibility and functionality.

Can the Printer Function with Only One Cartridge?

One of the frequently asked questions by users is whether the printer can be used to print black with only the right XL cartridge. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. HP has not provided explicit instructions or settings in the printer menu to select the XL cartridge exclusively.

However, it is worth noting that the presence of both black cartridges may be necessary for the printer to function correctly. Removing the left (bowtie) cartridge and relying solely on the right XL cartridge may result in printing issues or even render the printer unusable.

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Seeking Clarity from HP

If you are an HP representative reading this article, we urge you to provide users with a clear and definitive answer regarding the use of black ink cartridges in the 7520 printer. It is essential to communicate whether both cartridges are necessary for optimal performance or if the printer can function with only one cartridge.

Users deserve accurate information to make informed decisions when purchasing and using the HP 7520 printer. By addressing this issue, HP can improve customer satisfaction and enhance the overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I find the smaller bowtie-shaped cartridge at Staples?
  • A: Users have reported difficulty finding the smaller black ink cartridge at Staples. It is advisable to explore other authorized HP retailers or consider purchasing cartridges directly from the HP website.

  • Q: Is there a setting in the printer menu to select the XL cartridge exclusively?
  • A: Unfortunately, HP has not provided explicit instructions or settings to select the XL cartridge exclusively. Users may need to have both cartridges installed for optimal functionality.

  • Q: Can I remove the left bowtie cartridge and continue using only the right XL cartridge?
  • A: While it is technically possible to remove the left bowtie cartridge, doing so may result in printing issues or render the printer unusable. It is advisable to keep both cartridges installed unless HP provides further clarification.

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In Summary

The Hewlett Packard 7520 printer's black ink cartridge system poses challenges for users. The presence of two cartridges and the lack of clear instructions from HP have led to confusion and frustration. It is crucial for HP to address this issue and provide users with accurate information regarding the functionality and compatibility of the black ink cartridges.

By improving communication and addressing design flaws, HP can enhance customer satisfaction and ensure a better user experience. It is our hope that this article sheds light on the issue and encourages HP to take the necessary steps to rectify the black ink cartridge problem in the 7520 printer.

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